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Parking in Brno

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Published in 7/2023, last update in 8/2023

Planning a road trip to the Czech Republic and visiting the lovely town of Brno? This text is for you then, because parking zones in Brno might be pretty confusing for foreigners. It’s part of my series on Driving in the Czech Republic, which should be actually helpful for drivers, unlike most government texts. There’s also an article about parking in Prague; read it here.

Forget Prague, Brno is much nicer 😉

Parking zones

Brno is a beautiful city, but a few years ago, it started experimenting with parking zones too. These days the zones cover almost the whole city and I haven’t found a zone, which is free overnight, which is rather unique. Brno has a mobile app called ParkSimplyBrno, but it’s not very good to use,  The app can be downloaded here for iOS and here for Android.

The historical centre (red zone on the map below) is a no-go, don’t event try, unless you have a hotel there. The green bits are ok, first hour is free and then it is 30 CZK per hour. Blue zones are free for one hour and during the day, but you pay over night from 5 pm to 6 am, usually 20 CZK an hour.

If you want to make sense of it, check out this website run by Brno itself:
There’s also a map of the zones and all parking meters here:

Map of the parking zones in Brno

Best spots to park in Brno – my tips

If you want to walk through the city center, here are my 5 recommendations for parking in Brno:

  • Shopping centre Vaňkovka – first hour is free, then 20 CZK per hour and after 3 hours 25 CZK per hour. Saturday from 1 pm and Sunday all day is free. Good central location near main train station.
  • Street parking on Rooseveltova or Za Divadlem – they are part of the green zone, but they are close to the city and you can always find a spot there. First hour is free, then 30 CZK per hour.

Parking houses in Brno

Parking House Janackovo Divadlo
  • Parking house Domini Park – 40 CZK per hour during workdays, 30 CZK per hour on weekends and during nights. Very good central location, but probably the most expensive carpark in Brno.
  • Parking House Janackovo Divadlo – underground parking with 400 spots near Janacek’s theatre and very close to the center. From 8 AM to 10 PM it is 30 CZK per hour, otherwise 20 CZK/hour. 1 day costs 360 CZK. You can enter even with LPG/CNG cars if you stay in the first undergrund floor. More information can be found here.
  • Parking house Pinky Park – this one is different and I don’t personally like it, but if you are super-paranoid about the safety of your car, this one might be great for you. Once you enter, you leave the car on the ramp, and then the ramp together with the car is parked automatically using various elevators. Then, when you want to pick up the car, you just bring your ticket to the machine and wait for your car to appear. The main advantage is clear – nobody will be able to access your car. It’s also quite impressive to look at the system. But the disadvantage is, that it usually takes a few minutes, before the car appears, so you’ll have to wait a bit. I’d only use it for longer stay. Prices are 20 CZK/h on weekends, 30 CZK/h during weekdays and 10 CZK/h from midnight to 8 am.

The prices were updated in 8/2023.

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